Soccer Fun Cup

Everything around the round!

Good fun and excitement for every team, through the power of play. It is in the mix-composed out of different soccer modules, of course not only for those how are really into soccer, that makes this program exciting. Strategy, tactics, general and expert knowledge, as well as skillfulness will bring the teams to the goal, scoring as high as possible. The different games will be played by every team in a certain order. The winning ceremony will be fun not only for the awarded teams. Cheers to a amusing event with some beer, champagne or flavored lemonade.

Duration: 60-180 minutes Participants: up to 200 people Costs: on request

Human Table Soccer


You will be not standing AT the table soccer you will be standing IN the table soccer! Soccer fun for every participant! The exciting and by far outrageous device is a fun challenge for every team. In the game 6 against 6 there is only one aim: the goal. All team players are holding on to a horizontally pole, like in an original table soccer. Only a good teamwork is the key to success.

Table Soccer


Of course no turning is allowed! Tactics, techniques, responsiveness and a sharp eye are needed here.

Table Soccer XXL

Tischkicker XXL

So to say the bigger brother of the normal table soccer, because on each side 4 people are able to play. But donA?t forget turning is strictly prohibited.

Hardest Kick

HA?rtester Schuss

With our radar measurements the speed of the soccer ball can be easily established. But watch out only the goal scoring kicks will bring the desired points. Who will be able to beat Roberto Carlos with his 132Km/h?!

Tipp Kick


Here is instinctive feeling needed! The player in the field and the goaly will be challenged. Tactics are not as easy to realize, because the color on the soccer cube decides who will play next.

Goal Wall


The famous all time classic Three holes at the bottom, three holesA? at the top-six goals are needed for the jackpot.

Goal Wall XXL

Torwand XXL

Our self-build goal wall has only one big hole in the middle. The scoring A?competition will start at a distance from about 5 meters and will be increased by every round.

Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer

Soccer at the beach! With our easy and flexible field markings the game can start wherever you want.

Dribble Biathlon Round


An exciting relay between different teams. The challenge includes two tasks: The first one is to dribble through a slalom with a soccer ball, as fast as possible and the second one is to aim for the targets with a laser rifle. If the shooting is not successful the a??dribble kinga?? needs to face the penalty rounds.

Dribble Skills


Relay competition team against team. Under time pressure the slalom racer needs to dribble through the round. The given time has to be on point otherwiseA? it will be resulting in points deductions.

Opening whistle a?? the soccer game show


a??a great an entertaining showA? as well highly recommended as an independent program. OurA? voting system the so called TED is like a remote control for every team, as soon as the teams decided to press the Ted their answer appears on the big screen.
Possible games: Soccer player VIP game, World Cup hits, soccer movies, goal stop scenes, soccer quiz, famous and fun soccer player quotations, goblets lifting etc.



LetA?s see who is really into soccer? Famous soccer players, soccer anthems, arenas and much more fun fact knowledge is needed here.

Soccer Catapult


a??our building kit lets a lot of room for construction ideas. With tubes, rubber bands and plug connections every team has to build a functional catapult. Which catapult will be able to actually hit the target at the final competition with small soccer balls?

Soccer Golf


A totally new way to play one of the most famous sports. The combination of golf and soccer in one game. The targets are colorful and the way to the final goal multi-variant. Good times are guaranteed here!

Soccer Wheel


The round needs to hit the ROUND, in total five small targets are on the soccer wheel. Every stroke of luck will count points-some more and some less.

Flying Goaly

Flying Goaly2

Being Manuel Neuer for one day? With our inflatable goal it is a lot of fun to reach and jump after the kicked soccer balls.

Soccer Rodeo


This rodeo is a true world champion. Try to tame this wild soccer ball. The rodeo has an automatic program with four different levels or can be controlled with a joystick. If somebody letA?s go of the wild soccer ball the landing will be comfortable and smooth on an inflatable pillow.

Soccer Bouncy Castle


Always a fun and exciting program for children.

Team Flag


Every team receives a blank flag, a flagpole und various sharpies. With all their creative ideas they now have to design a team flag and a team chant for the competition. A jury will reward the different teams with points for the best presentation.

Soccer Photo Action


Try to capture the soccer cup at the soccer photo action. Famous soccer scenes will be staged and shot by the different teams, for example: championships victory, tackling, fan area, media conference, interview at the side of the field, foul, the referee decides, sponsoring etc.
The individual team photo is practically obligatory. With a photo camera and a variety of props to choose from, the teams will be ready to take fun snapshots.

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