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Rely on our experience from over 25 years in creating active, creative and communicative programs for almost all corporate occasions. Our pool of ideas, equipment and location is one of the largest and extensive ones in Germany. The individually created programs are geared to the occasion and their set goals to it.
On your request, we compile a complimentary example offer within 48 hours or an individual created offer depending on the aim, the location, the participants, the time frame and the budget.
The offer is without obligation and is valid until the date of availability. General terms and conditions apply. AGB.

Annual works outing – team day

The classic event for every company normally planned once a year for group sizes between 10 and 100 people. But what is the need of a team day: Get to know each other, integration und team spirit. The variety of our program ideas allows you a wide scoop for the planning phase. When we recommend a certain location we are happy to provide you with an “All-inclusive-offer” with transfer, catering and a fun program. At the budgeting we of course consider the tax bases.


Company party

A relaxed and fun atmosphere is the goal, when the colleagues of a company get together. A motto makes sure that this corporate party will create long lasting memories. Themes like Summer festival, Oktoberfest, family day, barn festival or even company Olympics; everything can be a success with the right location and a delicious and consistent catering.
Depending on your ideas, we highly recommend our Outdoor Catering Service because “outside it simply tastes´ best”
Be convinced by our diverse programs on our homepage.


Christmas Party

The church one of the largest „Event agencies „in the world celebrates Christmas every year. A joyful and merry occasion, where everybody is moving a little bit closer, is happy, receives gifts, celebrates together and has a relaxed turn of the year. Whether you plan your Christmas party with all the employees or in smaller circles, we provide you with the right ideas to tune your Christmas party. For example “ Christmas Lodge”, “Santa Claus want´s to know”, “Christmas rally” or a true classic “ Cut your own Christmas tree” and much more…


Anniversary celebration

Seize the moment of a jubilee for your internal company communication. The moments where you can actually present your company are rare, take the chance of an anniversary to remain in good standing with the employees, your customers and/or cooperation partners. We offer great ideas which suit the participants, the location, the entertainment value.


Seminar- Meeting- Kick Off

Listed below, we would like to suggest some successful ideas which are ideal to implement on a seminar, meeting, or kick off day.

  • „Stay focused on a seminar day“ – Recharge your batteries with our recreation program
  • „Business Movie or Business Pictures“ – experience the content of a seminar day in an active form
  • „Chain reaction“ – bringing international groups closer together by challenging their creative skills
  • „Dinner Gameshow“– not much time but a large group? Try our entertaining program, where it`s all about the team spirit
  • „Known-all over town“ – we offer an entertaining city program with many extraordinary encounters and IPad tasks
  • „The TeamQuiz“ – smart and multi-variant- the perfect evening entertainment for small groups, while enjoying some beer and wine
  • „Together through thick and thin“ – Offroad-Action, driving pleasure and team spirit, experienced together through rough terrain


A seminar constantly urges for concentrated listeners, active participation and usually a lot of sitting and hardly any moving. We offer active breaks, which will keep the concentration and motivation high, which are easy to implement because they require little time and which will make sure, that the participants get their necessary regeneration after a long day.



Why seek far away, when Germany has so much to offer. Explore something new-get the chance to change the perspective- be surprised. “Incentive Germany-wings-wheels-waves” Our Incentive program idea, which we can realize at four different locations/Hotels in Germany.


Marketing Events

Boost your product our topic presentation. We combine thrilling driving experience and subject live marketing, based on an Offroad Event or an Onroad Tour along scenic routes through Germany.
In the vehicle or along the way, there will be numerous possibilities for a playful and exciting presentation of your company, its products, topics or tasks. At the beginning of the tour or at the finish, we realize unforgettable ways for your communication. The break in between is another highlight of the route, for experiencing products or certain topics- because the communication almost never takes a break.


Program Presentations

Here you will find presentations on selected programs:




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