Methods and Service

As a full service event agency we plan, organize and realize our programs from start to finish. Working within the corporate event sector, our aim is, to gear the goals to the participant structure, the occasion, the location, the CI ideas and the budget. Whether the ideas should be translated into team, competition or adventure experiences we especially focus on the reconcilement of the different program contents working methodically to create an arc of suspense. We pay attention to all acting partners making sure, that the cooperation runs smoothly.

Full Service

  • An individual offer will be at hand within 48h
  • Arrangements and location agreements
  • Organization of all documents needed – if you wish with individual CI
  • Experiences through the power of play, competition and being creative
  • From start to finish, accompanied by a moderator, skilled guides and/or experts
  • Equipment, gadgets, decoration, audiovisual system for presentations, shelters, logistics, transport and installation
    • Award ceremony, presents, give aways
    • Picture documentation
    • Insurances, Safety arrangements

Brainstorming Smithy

Your wish is our command!
You want to draw attention to the overall aim of the event. The participants should get the chance to experience the topic activity oriented. We have a strong interest in delivering creative and compelling programs.

Rental Service

You do not need a fully organized program for your event? We are happy to provide you with our rental service, with more than over 100 modules.

…directly to the event modules

Outdoor Catering

Our catering chef Samuel Obenhuber is the expert, when it comes to outdoor cooking, whether BBQ, Picknick, Camp Catering or a snack –his credo: “ It taste´s the best outside

…directly to the catering

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